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Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Elements

When the store opened all those many days ago (15 to be precise) I set myself the goal of putting out a blog post every week and arbitrarily chose Thursday as blog post day. However, as you may have noticed Thursday came and went and now it is Sunday night and I am finally writing this post.

Well, all the best intensions disappeared into distant memories on Thursday when I got a call from the bank to ask me politely whether I had withdrawn large sums of money from my account in the last 24 hours. After informing them, worriedly, that I had not, I then spent blog post Thursday talking to the bank, the police and then driving to the bank in the (not so local) big city to then wait in the lobby, trying to keep my 2 year old under control, before being sent away again. Blog post Thursday was ruined and by the time all the travelling and phone calls were done I was in no mood or state to be writing about pencil skirts as I had intended.

I had considered calling this weeks blog post a wash out and the temptation to give up and start again next Thursday had been creeping into my mind. However, I will not allow one thief with my debit card to cause me to renege on the lofty goal I had set myself. So here we are. However, pencil skirts are going to have to wait. Instead, we're going to have a brief look at Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Elements Collection.


Every good fabric shop should have a decent range of solid coloured cottons (at least in my opinion) and Three Bird Fabrics is no exception. There are many designers that make beautiful collections of solid cottons, so choosing which designer's collection to stock was a hard desicion. However, I am pleased with the choice I made and now I'm going to explain to you why.

If you hadn't guessed from the title and it being previously mentioned, Three Bird Fabrics stocks the Pure Elements Collection by Art Gallery fabrics. Pure Elements fabric is made from 100% Pima cotton. What is Pima cotton I hear you ask? Pima cotton, like egyptian cotton, is an 'extra long staple cotton' which refers to the length of the individual cotton fibers. So why should you care about this? Well, compared to more inferior cottons, Pima and egyptian cotton's long fiber lengths create a silkier, softer fabric. This means this fabric is luxurious to touch and it's also more resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading. What dressmaker doesn't want that?

Dressmaking is my passion, so when setting up the store, my aim was to provide fabrics and patterns for those wanting to make their own clothes, in particular. With that in mind I wanted to choose solid fabrics that would work well for dressmaking. The Pure Elements fabric is classified as medium weight but it is on lighter side of that scale, and along with its silky texture, this means that it works well for patterns requiring either a light or medium weight woven fabric or as a lining.

Pure Elements also come in an absolutely stunning array of colours which made choosing our first batch of bolts extremely difficult. These colours will also work very well with the other Art Gallery Fabric collections we have available. Currently we have 10 colours in stock, however, by the end of next week I will be putting in an order for another batch of 10 so if you're signed up to the newsletter you'll be the first to know when those arrive and for a limited time you'll also recieve a discount code giving you 20% off your next order. Just go to the bottom of the home page to sign up.

So what colours do we have available (click the image to find that colour in store):

Cherry Lipgloss

Aurora Red

Verve Violet


Cozumel Blue

Burnt Orange

Light Grey

White Linen

Caviar Black


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