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Business Class by Jessica Jones

Whenever I get new fabrics in I plan to let you know about them, and hopefully give you some inspiration about what amazing things you can do with them, in the blog. As the store has just opened, there is a lot of new fabrics and patterns I could talk to you about, and as I choose them I clearly love them all. However, one collection I really got excited about, when I went through the burdensome task of spending evenings with a cup of tea looking at beautiful fabrics (oh woe is me), was Business Class by Jessica Jones for Cloud9 fabrics.

Having worked for over a decade, prior to Three Bird Fabrics, in an industry whose upper echelons are dominated by men but whose lower ranks are filled with gifted, intelligent and relentlesssly hardworking women, the spirit behind Jessica Jones' Business Class collection is almost as appealing as the fabric is beautiful.

In Jessica's own words...


Currently, at Three Bird Fabrics we have 'Sculptor' a navy blue with pink pinstripes, 'Editor' alime green/yellow with white flowers and 'Poet' a deep purple with mustard, pink, white and magenta flowers.

All of the fabrics are made from beautiful quality, 100% organic rayon and is light and silky.

So what could you make with these gorgous and safisticated fabrics? Well, Cloud9 have been nice enough to make some good suggestions.

The 'Poet' dress is rather stunning if I do say so myself. I particularly like the wrap tie waist band and a similar look could be achieved using the 'Tea House' dress pattern by Sew House Seven.

The 'Editor' trousers are amazing and the 'Flint' wide legged cropped pants by Megan Nielsen would make an excellent version of this.

All three of the fabrics would make some really beautiful blouses. I personally think the 'Sudley' blouse by Megan Nielsen would be perfect with these as well as the 'Weekend getaway' blouse by Liesl + C and again 'Tea House', but this time the top version, by Sew House Seven.

Lastly, if you're thinking these fabrics are worth going all out and making a dress from, then I hear you, and there are some good options. The new release 'Floreat' dress by Megan Nielson with the asymmetrical hem would look extremely sophisticated with 'Sculptor'. The 'River' dress, also by Megan Nielson, in any of the fabrics would make a great addition to any business women's wardrobe. The 'Lenox' shirt dress by Cashmerette could also look great in these fabrics.

Well, I hope this has given you some inspiration and enthusiasm to go and try these gorgous new fabrics. To all the women getting things done, spoil yourself, you deserve it.

...and yes, I did end up listening to 'Short Skirt, Long Jacket' by Cake on repeat while writing this.

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